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Olympian Gymnastic Rings for Upper Body Strength Fitness Training Exercise Pull Ups Crossfit Gym by fitnessXzone®

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Take the standard push up and take it to the next level, with a twist of gymnastics. Ideal for Bodyweight and Suspension Training. Included are easily adjustable 5m nylon straps with zinc/alloy cam fasteners allowing for a quick interchange between high pull-ups/muscle up and low push-ups/chest flies, then mid-way for bodyweight rows/ring dips. High grade ABS plastic rings, diameter 20-23cm with a max loading of 250kg. Possible Anchor Points are exposed beams, trees, pull-up bars and ceiling joists with fixing bolts.

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Strengh Training Package Set Of Push Up Pro Fitness Grips & 30 Caps Fitness Workout Supplements, ABS, Chest & Body Workout Includes Medicarn Fitness Workout Pills for strengh Training & Endurance

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Push Up Pro’s rotating grips allow arms and shoulders to move naturally. More muscles are targeted more effectively while reducing strain on wrists and joints when using Push Up Pro. Push Up Pro Strengthens and tones your chest, shoulders, arms, back and abs… fast! Push Up Pro provides the ultimate upper body workout! Pushup Pro is portable and works on any floor surface – great for home, office and travel. PushUp Pro is a must for anyone who is serious about getting in shape. Jack Zatorski, the world record holder for pushups recommends the Pushup Pro. Whether you’re 8 or 80, beginner, advanced, or an expert at doing pushups, the Pushup Pro is for you. Each handle on the Pushup Pro features a rotating hand grip that allows your arms to twist naturally while you exercise. This movement is similar to throwing a punch or pressing up a dumbbell. This feature is exclusive to the Pushup Pro and is designed to work even more muscles in your arms, shoulders, chest and back. And as you work out harder, you’re also working out smarter, because the rotating hand grips reduce strain on your wrists and elbows and it helps to stabilize and balance your back and shoulders. The Pushup Pro is designed to give you a comfortable, safe, and effective workout every time. Great for all fitness levels. Push Up Pro rotating push up grips. Strengthens and tones chest, arms, shoulders, back, abs and more. Comes with upper body workout guide. So what are you waiting for, and order your Pushup Pro today!

Comes with 30 Cap Bottle Of Fitness workout supplements to aid with your strength training

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GBSci T5 Turbo Thermogenic Extreme Fat Burner | Superfast Absorption | Boost Energy | Speed Metabolism | Support Fitness | Suitable For Men and Women | No Artificial Ingredients | No Fullers | No Binders | 1 Month Supply | 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

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GBSci’s T5 Turbo Thermogenic:

Bodybuilders and fitness fanatics use this product to build up lean muscle definition, increase energy levels and speed up blood flow, causing body temperature to rise slightly, resulting in a boosted metabolism which is effective for burning fat and losing weight. The boost helps provide the extra energy required when working out. Because the blood travels around the body at a quicker rate, it is able to reach muscles effectively, giving you more strength and cardiovascular endurance.

T5 Turbo contains a variety of natural products to improve the weight loss capabilities and to ensure maximum benefit is obtained from our product.

Ingredients include:

Acetyl-L-carnitine and L-Tyrosine:amino acids, the building blocks for protein, effectively helping to make stronger muscles, aid muscle movement, improve heart and brain functioning, uplift mood and provide anti-stress benefits.

Citrus Aurantium (bitter orange): contains synephrine which effectively boosts metabolism and suppresses appetite.

Caffeine, Green Tea and Guarina: These are substances that help the body to . Extracts cause the thermogenic effect (increases heat output and thus burns more calories and fat) and stimulate the release of enzymes to break down excess synthesized sugars and fat. They are diuretic agents which helps to increase alertness and focus, suppress appetite reduce water retention.

GBSci’s T5 TURBO THERMOGENIC are Size 0 (veg) gelatin capsules – suitable for vegans.

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Fitness Pal Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 Black Sports Armband – High Quality (ideal for Running, the Gym and walking)

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Ideal Galaxy S3 Armband Case for the those with fitness on their mind and music in their hearts. This Galaxy S3 Training Sports armband is a perfect accompanyment to any training regime. A delightful SIII armband for your device with soft lining so as not to cause the wearer any discomfort whilst wearing and a velcro strap to ensure the handset stays secure to your arm while you are putting your body through its paces.

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Foam Yoga roller the grid beast roller for massage workout and fitness Pilates All Colours

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Help improve stability and flexibility and is great for promoting stabilisation, core strength and balance training

Specially hollow designed for relieving strain and bringing comforts

Package included: 1 x Yoga Fitness Roller

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PhysioRoom Resistance Exercise Tube – Soft Grip Handles, Rehabilitation, Sports Training, Strengthening Exercise, Treatment & Prevention of Injuries, Gym, Fitness, Workout – FT01

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The Resistance Exercise Tube has soft grip handles for uninterrupted rehab and training exercises. These red, blue and yellow coloured tubes provide light to heavy resistance, ideal for progressing strengthening exercises.

Unlike weight and pulley devices and weight machines, the figure of eight tubes allow for all strengthening exercises to be done in functional, sports related movements. This makes them perfect not only for people with injuries but for sports training. The varied levels of resistance are; Yellow – 9kg, Red – 13kg, Blue – 16kg. When pulling the weight the resistance will equal that of that signified weight. For example; pulling the 9kg weight with both hands equates to the same weight as 9kg dumbbell.

When to use it

The resistance provided by the Resistance Exercise Tubes allows for specific strengthening of muscle groups and tendons during rehab and sports training.

Common Conditions

Dislocated Shoulder

Sprained Ankle

Tennis Elbow

Tibialis Posterior tendon problems

How it Works

Resistance Tubes are made from a high grade medical rubber, 99.99% free from latex allergens. Depending on their level of elasticity, they provide a graded amount of resistance to movement. They provide an excellent method of resistance training for the strengthening of specific muscles and tendons.

Start with the lowest level of resistance and build sets and repetitions gradually. Then once the exercises become too easy, move on to the next level of resistance provided by the next Resistance Exercise Tube.

Light Resistance (yellow)
Medium Resistance (Red)
Heavy Resistance (Blue)

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Vktech® Walking Step Calorie Counter Fitness Activity Tracker Sport Pedometer

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Smart Wristband Sports & Sleep

Tracks your daily activity and sleep quality, make your life funnier.

The First Smart Wristband with OLED

Screen clearly displays steps, calories, distance, time and sleep quality.

Built-in USB 2.0, connect it to the PC to sync and get charged. No USB cable needed.

Built-in rechargeable li-battery, work for up to 4 days after fully charged.

IP67 Protection Grade: Safe to wear in the shower or dance in the rain. Best

Tracks your sleep time, the times of your wake up.

You can set 8 alarm clocks, silent vibrate mode, gently wake you without disturbing your partner sport companion.

Light-weight, Only 20g. Comfortable to wear.

Automatically sync your data to iPhone 4S, 5, 5S,5C, iPad 3, iPod touch 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 via Bluetooth, visualize your daily activity and sleep quality throughout the day, week or month

Sports & Sleep Tracking: You can download and upgrade the Vidonn APP at APP store. It works with the device to keep everything tracked on the go.

You can share your activity and achievements, challenge and compete with your friends.


Brand & model: Vidonn X5

Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0

Waterproof: IP67

Material: ABS plastic, TPU rubber and alloy

Display: 0.49in OLED display

Battery: 40mA li-polymer battery

Standby time: 4 days

Compatible with: for iPhone 4S,5,5S,5C,iPad 3,iPod touch 5,for Samsung Galasy S4

Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X 10.5 and above

Product weight: 20g / 0.7oz

Package size: 15.5 * 10 * 3.5cm / 6.1 * 4 * 1.4in

Package weight: 120g / 4.23oz


1 x Smart Wristband

1 x User Manual

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Ukamshop(TM)New Women Padded Bra Top Athletic Vest Gym Fitness Sports Yoga Stretch

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Size Details:


Bust 62-72cm/24.4-28.3″

Length 28cm/11.0″


Bust 64-78cm/25.2-30.7″

Length 29cm/11.4″


Bust 66-82cm/26.0-32.3″

Length 30cm/11.8″

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